Fujifilm GFX 100S II review


The GFX 100S II updates the smallest and most affordable model in Fujifilm’s 102 Megapixel medium format series. It delivers essentially the same photo quality with a tremendous amount of detail on single frames and the chance to boost it to 400 Megapixels with pixel shift.

But by improving the sensor readout and coupling it with the latest image processor, the new camera enjoys improved subject detection, faster bursts and more effective stabilisation, not to mention longer battery life and the REALA ACE film simulation.

And while the physical side of the camera is almost identical to its predecessor, the GFX 100S II boasts a larger and more detailed electronic viewfinder that’s gorgeous in-use, along with inheriting the classy finish of the flagship GFX 100 II.


They may not be ground-breaking upgrades and the faster bursts will be limited by the SD slots, but given you’re getting it all at a lower initial retail price than the original GFX 100S, the new model represents good value overall. 

That said, keep an eye open for discounts on its predecessor while stocks last, in particular in the UK where the body can be had for as much as £1500 less. I’d happily take that saving and invest it in lenses or a nice trip.

But as stocks of the original 100S dry-up, the new 100S II will become the most affordable entry to Fujifilm’s 102 Megapixel medium format system, delivering fantastic detail from a body similar in heft to a pro full-framer.

So tell me in the comments what you think of this latest GFX camera and the series as a whole. If you had five grand to spend on a camera, would you go down this route, or a top-end full-frame body instead?

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