Best Sony lenses

If you’re looking for the best Sony lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras, you’ve come to the right place! On this page I’ve compiled the best Sony lenses I’ve tested for both cropped-frame / APSC and full-frame bodies; note I’ll never include a product in one of my Buyer’s Guides if I’ve not spent some time personally testing it. If a favourite model of yours isn’t listed, it could be that I’ve not tested it yet or are working on a review. So read on for my recommendations and check back for updates!

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Best Sony Lenses

Sony FE 90mm f2.8 Macro review-so-far

Sony's FE 90mm f2.8 Macro G OSS is the first native macro lens designed for its full-frame mirrorless cameras. It delivers the coveted 1:1 or 1x magnification on full-frame bodies at a distance of 28cm, but also provides excellent quality results at all distances. The mid-telephoto length is ideal for portraits, and it also delivers tighter views of urban and landscape subjects. As such it's a more flexible lens than first appears, although if your primary goal is portrait work, you'll enjoy a shallower depth-of-field from more affordable lenses like the FE 85mm f1.8. But if you're driven by Macro photography, you'll love the FE 90mm f2.8 Macro G OSS as it's one of the sharpest lenses in the catalogue.

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Sony FE 70-200mm f2.8 GM OSS review-so-far

The Sony FE 70-200mm f2.8 G Master is a professional telephoto zoom lens for Sony's Alpha mirrorless cameras. One of the first models to carry the G Master badge, it pulls-off that tricky combination of very high resolution details with attractive rendering of blurred areas. As such it's highly desirable to portrait and wedding photographers, as well as anyone shooting close-range sports or wildlife. Meanwhile the innovative floating focus system exploits three motors to maintain high quality right down to the minimum focusing distance of just under a meter. It's understandably larger, heavier and comfortably more expensive than the earlier FE 70-200mm f4G OSS, but it's a stop brighter and optically superior. Indeed it's one of the best 70-200mm f2.8 zooms of any system if you can afford it and don't mind the weight, otherwise go for the slower f4G version. Or if you want longer reach without using tele-converters, consider the FE 100-400mm GM.

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Sony E 18-105mm f4 review-so-far

The Sony E PZ 18-105mm f4G OSS is a general-purpose 5.8x motorized zoom for Sony's cropped-frame / APSC mirrorless cameras, including the A5000, A6000 and original NEX ranges, where it delivers a 27-158mm equivalent range. It represents a big step-up from the 16-50mm kit zoom, reaching over twice as far and boasting a constant f4 aperture and better quality throughout the range. Movie shooters will also love the motorised zoom and while it can feel a little odd at first for still photographers, you get used to it over time. On the downside, the lens is significantly larger and heavier than the kit zoom, and the quality can be soft in the corners, but for me it remains the best choice for anyone wanting to upgrade from the 16-50mm; indeed I prefer it to the more expensive Zeiss 16-70mm f4.

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Sony FE 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 GM OSS review

The Sony FE 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 G Master is a telephoto zoom for its e-mount mirrorless cameras, and corrected for use on full-frame bodies. Announced alongside the professional Alpha A9 body, it delivers the longest reach of Sony's native e-mount lenses to date. It's also the fourth lens to join the high-end G Master series and like the others aims to deliver both high resolution across the entire zoom, focusing and aperture ranges, as well as attractive bokeh.

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Sony FE 70-200mm f4G OSS review

Sony's FE 70-200mm f4G OSS was the first telephoto zoom for its full-frame mirrorless cameras and remains one of the best options for fairly close range action. The f4 aperture may not deliver as much (or as attractive) blurring as the FE 70-200mm f2.8 GM, nor will its focal length reach as far as the FE 100-400mm GM, but it's noticeably lighter and more affordable than either, not to mention physically better-suited for Sony's smaller bodies, especially the cropped APSC models where the coverage is reduced to 105-300mm. The optical quality may lack the ultimate bite and smooth rendering of the pricier and heavier G Master telephoto zooms, but it remains respectable across the frame with a high level of detail, while the focusing is quick enough to track fast action when coupled with the right body. A great choice if you want a decent telephoto zoom but don't need an f2.8 focal ratio or a super reach.

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Sony E 10-18mm f4 review-so-far

The Sony E 10-18mm f4 OSS was the first ultra-wide zoom for Sony's cropped-frame / APSC mirrorless cameras, including the original NEX and later Alpha A5000 and A6000 series. Several years after launch, it remains the only ultra-wide option for these cameras from Sony, so it's fortunate it's a decent performer, delivering coverage equivalent to 15-27mm, a constant f4 focal ratio and optical stabilisation. Like other ultra-wide zooms, it's ideal for capturing expansive landscapes, dramatic architecture, large interiors or even big group shots when you can't step back any further, and the presence of a filter thread means you can mount filters for long exposure photography, but do check for potential vignetting if using a large filter mount system.

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Sony E 24mm f1.8 ZA review-so-far

The Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* E 24mm f1.8 ZA is a high quality prime lens for Sony's cropped-frame / APSC mirrorless cameras, including the NEX, A5000 and A6000 series. Mounted on a cropped body it delivers 36mm equivalent coverage, a mild wide-angle that's perfect for general-purpose or street photography. The bright f1.8 focal ratio allows you to keep shooting in lower light without compromising ISO, while also allowing shallow depth-of-field effects. In my tests it can be a little soft in the extreme corners at wide apertures, but it remains a good option for anyone who wants a good quality walk-around prime lens.

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