Best Camera Gifts and Accessories

If you’re shopping for camera accessories or gifts for a photographer, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve put together a list of my essential camera accessories I never leave home without. From filters to tripods, batteries to storage, there’s something for everyone here, plus some bonus coffee action at the end! And best of all, most of the items are priced in the affordable double-figures.

Best Camera Gifts and Photography Accessories

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 review

The Instax Mini 9 is one of the most affordable cameras to use Fujifilm's hugely popular Instax Mini film cartridges - these produce small business card size prints which emerge seconds after taking the photo and self-develop before your eyes within a minute. The Mini 9 is almost identical to the best-selling Mini 8, but adds a small mirror by the lens for framing selfies, is supplied with a close-up adapter lens, and available in five pastel colours. Like other Instax Mini cameras, don't expect 100% accurate framing with the basic viewfinder and beware that prints can often be over-exposed under very bright conditions. If you want instant pictures with accurate framing and guaranteed exposure, then consider Fujifilm's digital Instax SQ10, or their portable Instax printer that'll talk to phones and other cameras. But once you understand what Instax Mini can and cannot do, it's enormous fun. I've not met anyone, young or old, who's not spellbound by a low-cost camera that pumps out instant prints, and it's perfect for events or breaking the ice in street photography. There are more sophisticated and compact models in the Instax Mini range, but I'm fond of the basic charm the Mini 9 inherits from its predecessor. Once again it may not cope with all conditions, but I still believe very home should have one. Refreshingly retro and recommended!

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Feisol TT-15 Mark II mini tripod review

Feisol's TT-15 Mark II is my favourite table-top tripod, boasting surprising stability and strength thanks to its milled-aluminium frame, carbon fiber legs and rubber feet. Unlike some table-top tripods the legs don't extend nor does it come with a built-in head, but their absence coupled with the high-end build quality are actually the secrets of its success: rather than compromising stability by including arguably unnecessary frills, Feisol has designed a simple product that does what it does extremely well. I've successfully used the TT-15 II with compacts and mirrorless cameras of all sizes, and even semi-pro DSLRs, while shooting long exposures or filming video. Yes it's more expensive than the popular Manfrotto PIXI and the smaller Gorillapods, but having owned all of them, it's the TT-15 II that stays in my bag at all times thanks to its superior performance - plus if you're coming from the high-end, it's also roughly half the price of the RRS Pocket Pod.

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Manfrotto XPRO Geared Head review

The Manfrotto XPRO geared head is the lightest and most affordable option for those wanting to experience the joy of precision tripod photography. Like all geared heads, you can fine-tune your camera's position in three axes with a twist of the appropriate knobs, and while the gearing isn't as fine as more expensive models, it's good enough to position most systems. The maximum load of 4Kg will easily accommodate any mirrorless camera or mid-range DSLR with a decent lens in comfort. Like other geared heads, the ratio isn't designed for sweeping video pans, and anyone wanting absolute repeatability for bracketing work should look for a model with a lock; higher-end photographers will also miss an Arca dovetail or means to swap the clamp for one. But as an entry to geared-head photography, the XPRO is a triumph, offering the control beloved by macro, architectural, studio and other precision genres at an affordable price. Seasoned gear-head users might also pick one up for use with smaller legs and cameras, as it's one of the lightest options around.

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In Camera book - perfect photos out-of-camera

In Camera is a photography book by Cameralabs Editor, Gordon Laing. It celebrates the art of JPEG photography with 100 of his travel images, all presented out-of-camera. No filter, no Photoshop, just pure photography! Each photo is accompanied by behind the scenes details, techniques and settings. Everything you need to shoot confidently in-camera!


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