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Canon EOS R5 fw v1.3 update

30 Mar 2021 Gordon Laing

In March 2021, Canon released new firmware for the Canon EOS R5, R6 and 1Dx Mark III which brings a selection of updates. In this article and video I'll show you what's new!

Best vegetarian meals

06 Jan 2021 Gordon Laing

I love cooking and wanted to increase the number of vegetarian dishes for everyday family meals. Here are my favourites: quick, easy and very tasty!

Black Friday best camera deals 2020

26 Nov 2020 Gordon Laing

It's that time of year when we're bombarded by bargain offers, so I've sifted through the deals to find the best buys on camera gear. So if you're shopping for a new camera, lens or accessory, check out my guide to the best deals this Holiday Season! PS - check back for updates!

How to photograph fireworks

05 Nov 2020 Gordon Laing

Firework displays can be spectacular but present a number of challenges to capture on-camera. In my simple guide I'll share my tips and techniques for photographing fireworks whether you're shooting New Year, 4th July or any other celebration!

Moon Photography Tutorial

02 Nov 2020 Gordon Laing

The Moon is one of my favourite subjects to photograph and in this tutorial I'll show you how to take great photos of it including exposure, phases, Earthshine and how to plan a Moon-rise with a landscape in the foreground!

How to photograph bees

08 Sep 2020 Alan Adler

Find how to take great photos of bees without dedicated macro gear or even leaving your home. Guest writer Alan Adler is not just the inventor of the legendary Aeropress but also a passionate photographer who reveals his favourite cameras for bees don’t have to be specialist or expensive!

MacBook Air battery repair

03 Jun 2020 Gordon Laing

Has your MacBook battery failed? Is Apple quoting a fortune for a repair, if it's even possible? Find out how I fixed my 2011 MacBook for only $55!

Benefits of mirrorless vs DSLR

21 May 2020 Gordon Laing

I switched from DSLRs to mirrorless cameras over ten years ago. While I was initially drawn by their smaller size and weight, it's the technological advantages that sealed the deal. Find out my top benefits of mirrorless vs DSLR!

Best travel coffee: Aeropress Tutorial

06 May 2020 Gordon Laing

My favourite coffee maker is a compact, human-powered brewer that costs only 30 pounds or dollars: it’s the Aeropress, it can be used indoors or out, and in my tutorial I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned from using one over the best part of ten years!

Tidal Hifi review

30 Apr 2020 Gordon Laing

This is my one-year review of Tidal, a music streaming service with Hifi sound quality that on some albums even exceeds CD quality. In my review I'll explain how to enjoy the best quality from Tidal and upgrade your music streaming!

Vintage bits: Canon 400D XTi 14 years later

07 Feb 2020 Gordon Laing

Back in 2006 I posted my very first review on YouTube. 14 years later, I look back at the Canon 400D / XTi and see how technology and my own presentation have changed!

Sigma saves Canon EOS-M

29 Jan 2020 Gordon Laing

Sigma has finally released its fabulous triplet of f1.4 APSC mirrorless lenses in the EF-M mount, transforming Canon's neglected EOS M system. Find out why you'll want them in my video review!

JPEG vs HEIF: Canon commits to HIF

22 Jan 2020 Gordon Laing

Time for JPEG to retire? With the 1Dx III, Canon becomes the first traditional camera company to back the more efficient HEIF format which delivers better quality in smaller files. Here's how Canon makes it work.

Cameralabs Cafe Podcast episode 004

22 Nov 2019 Gordon Laing

The Cameralabs Cafe podcast returns! In Episode Four, Gordon and Doug talk about how to choose the best camera for vlogging - and video in general - before recommending a selection of models at various price points! So grab a drink and join us in the Cameralabs Cafe!

Cameralabs Cafe Podcast episode 003

13 Nov 2019 Gordon Laing

The Cameralabs Cafe podcast returns where Gordon and Doug discuss the health and future of the Micro Four Thirds system, take a look at the new Olympus OMD EM5 III and revisit the Lumix G9 which keeps getting better! So grab a drink and join us in the Cameralabs Cafe for a catch-up of all the photography news and reviews!

Sigma Art lenses transform Lumix S

28 Oct 2019 Gordon Laing

Sigma's Art lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras transform the Leica-L mount system, bringing focal lengths, apertures and - crucially - prices that were previously unavailable. They're particularly appealing to Lumix S owners who, due to the high cost of Leica's own lenses, have been limited to Panasonic's initial three lenses so far. Find out why you'll want to invest in…

Sony RX100 VII compact pride

07 Aug 2019 Gordon Laing

Sony’s RX100 VII is arguably the most powerful compact camera around. In this post I’ll share a bunch of images I took at the UK’s biggest Pride event in Brighton, where I found it effortlessly tracked subjects, captured wide views and tight portraits, while remaining discreet and convenient throughout!

Cameralabs Cafe Podcast episode 002

06 Aug 2019 Gordon Laing

The Cameralabs Cafe podcast returns with Gordon and Doug discussing the Canon G7X III, G5X II and Sony RX100 VII, before moving onto Sony's latest high resolution mirrorless, the A7r IV, then wrapping up with some lens news. So grab a drink and join us in the Cameralabs Cafe for a catch-up of all the recent news and reviews!

Cameralabs Cafe Podcast episode 001

21 Jun 2019 Gordon Laing

The Cameralabs podcast returns in a new format where Gordon and Doug discuss not just one camera but all the gear we’ve tested over the last few months. Episode One includes the Lumix S, G90 / G95, Fujifilm GFX100 and Sony FE 200-600mm! Join us in the Cameralabs Cafe!

Sony vs Canon 135mm - can a 23 year-old lens…

08 Apr 2019 Gordon Laing

Owners of the Canon EF 135mm f2L USM consider it a legend, but can a 23 year old lens really compete with a modern design? Ben Harvey pitches the blisteringly-sharp Sony FE 135mm f1.8 GM against his beloved Canon to find out.

Camera gear of the year 2018

03 Dec 2018 Gordon Laing

2018 was a strong year in the photography world with a lot of exciting new cameras, lenses and accessories. In my camera gear of the year guide I'll highlight the highest-performing, most useful and enjoyable products I've reviewed this year!

Photokina 2018 show report

28 Sep 2018 Gordon Laing

Every two years the photography world gathers at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, to show off their latest products and unveil their plans for the future. It’s a huge show, so let me be your personal guide in my 16 minute show report!

Sony RX100 VI - one of the best travel cameras

03 Sep 2018 Gordon Laing

5000 miles, ten countries, one pocket camera - that was the task I set the Sony RX100 VI when it accompanied me on a five week drive through Europe from the UK to Estonia then onto Helsinki and St Petersburg, Russia. Find out why it’s one of the best travel cameras in my blog!

Lunar Eclipse Photography

26 Jul 2018 Gordon Laing

A Total Lunar Eclipse is one of Nature's most spectacular displays and a great deal easier to photograph than a Solar Eclipse, not to mention more frequent too. In my guide I'll explain how to photograph a lunar eclipse or blood moon!

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