Samsung Galaxy S20 review

The Galaxy S20 is Samsung’s flagship phone for 2020 and its best yet for photography. Available in three models, the top-end Ultra packs three cameras, one with 108 Megapixels and another with an optical zoom. All can also film 8k video. Check out my sample images from the S20!…

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Samsung NX3000 review

Samsung’s NX3000 is an entry-level mirrorless camera with a 21 Mpixel APSC sensor, flip-up screen and Wifi. We compared it against rivals…

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Samsung Galaxy NX

The Samsung Galaxy NX is the first mirrorless compact system camera to run the Android operating system. Think of it as a Samsung NX camera crossed with a Galaxy S3 phone and you’d be pretty close to the concept and the reality. The Galaxy NX features a 20 Megapixel APS-C sensor with a hybrid AF…

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Samsung Galaxy S4 review

The Galaxy S4, or GS4 for short, is Samsung’s flagship smartphone. Announced in April 2013, it’s the successor to the hugely popular Galaxy S3, or GS3, and like that model showcases the best of the Android platform. The handset is roughly the same size as the GS3, yet thanks to a thinner bezel, enjoys a…

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Samsung NX200 review

Announced in September 2011, the Samsung NX200 is Samsung’s fifth compact system camera in the NX range. It replaces the NX100 with a radically new design which substitutes a metal body for the plastic of earlier models. Inside the camera you’ll still find a large APS-C sensor – the same size as used by Sony…

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Samsung NX100

We also have a selection of sample images in our Samsung NX100 sample images gallery. Check back soon for our High ISO Noise comparison! Discuss this page and the NX100 in the Cameralabs forums!   Samsung’s NX100 is a small camera which features a DSLR-sized sensor and removeable lens mounting. Announced in September 2010, it…

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