Panasonic Lumix G9 review

Panasonic’s Lumix G9 is a high-end mirrorless camera and joint flagship with the GH5. It shares the 20 Megapixel sensor with 4k movies up to 60p, but enhances the photo quality, improves stabilisation, boasts a huge viewfinder and shoots at 20fps with AFC. Check out my in-depth review!…

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Leica 200mm f2.8 review

The Leica 200mm f2.8 is a high-end telephoto for Micro Four Thirds bodies. Mounted on a Panasonic or Olympus mirrorless, it delivers 400mm equivalent coverage, or 560mm when fitted with its supplied 1.4x tele-converter. In my in-depth review I compare it to the Olympus 300mm!…

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Panasonic Lumix TZ100 / ZS100 review

Panasonic’s Lumix TZ100, or ZS100 as it’s known in North America, is the new top model in its enormously popular travel-zoom series. Announced in January 2016, it follows Panasonic’s trend of waiting a year between new models, but after a decade of gradually increasing the zoom range from 10x to 30x while sticking with roughly…

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Panasonic Lumix CM1

The Lumix CM1 is an Android smartphone with a difference, packing a large 1in sensor. Is it the best phone for photographers?…

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Panasonic Lumix GM5 review

The Lumix GM5 is a tiny mirrorless camera, packing an electronic viewfinder, hotshoe, touchscreen and Wifi. Is this the small camera for you?…

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Panasonic Lumix GF7 review

The Lumix GF7 is Panasonic’s entry-level mirrorless camera, featurung a screen that folds forward for selfies and fun ways to trigger the shot.…

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