Olympus E-P3

  In August I was sent the Olympus Pen E-P3 to review for Cameralabs. The camera arrived just as I was about to leave for a holiday in the South of France so, rather than a full review, I thought it would be interesting to use the camera while I was on holiday and report…

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Olympus E-PL3

Olympus launched its Pen range of Micro Four Thirds mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs) with the E-P1 in 2008. Announced in June 2011 the Pen E-PL3 is the third generation of the range that melds the company’s iconic 60’s design with 21st century digital imaging technology. Nicknamed the ‘Pen Light’ the E-PL3 is a smaller,…

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Olympus SP 550 Ultra Zoom

    The Olympus SP-550UZ is a 7.1 Megapixel super-zoom compact with a difference: where most super-zoom ranges top-out at 12x, or 15x if you’re really lucky, the SP-550UZ boasts nothing less than a whopping 18x optical zoom lens – that’s the world’s biggest at the time of writing. Better still, while most super-zooms are…

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Olympus Zuiko Digital 25mm 1:2.8 ‘pancake’

The Olympus Zuiko Digital 25mm 1:2.8 was announced in March 2008, alongside the Olympus E-420 DSLR. It’s a standard Four Thirds lens which means it will work on any Four Thirds body, including those from Olympus, Panasonic and Leica, although it’s physically best-matched to the smaller models like the Olympus E-4xx and E-5xx series. Affectionately…

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Olympus E-410

The Olympus E-410 is an unusually small and light 10 Megapixel digital SLR aimed at compact or super-zoom owners who are looking to upgrade, along with enthusiasts who want a camera they can use in situations where a traditional DSLR would be too cumbersome. It’s the latest model to employ the maturing Four Thirds DSLR…

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Olympus E-510

The Olympus E-510 is a feature-packed 10 Megapixel DSLR based on the maturing Four Thirds standard. Announced alongside the tiny E-410 in March 2007, the new E-510 packs in a raft of features which include anti-dust, Live View, and built-in anti-shake facilities which work with any lens you attach; indeed it’s the very first Four…

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Olympus µ 790 SW / Stylus 790 SW

µ 790 SW / Stylus 790 SW intro The Olympus µ 790 SW, or Stylus 790 SW as it’s known in North America, is a 7.1 Megapixel compact camera with a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2.5in screen. Announced in August 2007, it’s the successor to the µ 770 SW (Stylus 770 SW), and…

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Olympus E-PL2

Launched in January 2011, the Olympus E-PL2 is the latest addition to the ‘PEN’ stable of mirrorless interchangable lens, or ‘EVIL’ (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens) cameras. Rather than replacing the E-PL1, the new model sits above it in the Olympus Micro Four Thirds PEN line up, beneath the E-P2. The E-PL2 has the same 12.3…

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Olympus ‘PEN’ E-P2

The Olympus E-P2 is a compact camera with a DSLR-sized sensor and removeable lens mount. Announced in November 2009, it’s an enhanced version of the E-P1 launched just five months earlier. Like that model, the E-P2 is based on the Micro Four Thirds standard jointly developed by Olympus and Panasonic to deliver DSLR quality and…

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Olympus E-620

The Olympus E-620 is a 12.3 Megapixel DSLR with built-in anti-shake facilities and Live View enhanced by a fully-articulated 2.7in screen. Announced in February 2009, it’s positioned between the entry-level E-4xx series and the higher-end E-30, and while Olympus continues to sell the E-520 at the time of writing, we expect the E-620 to replace…

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