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The Sigma 50/1.4 EX DG HSM is a capable f1.4 lens. You can produce shots with good image quality even at a wide open aperture of f1.4 if you don’t look too far into the FX-corner. It’s sharper than the Nikon’s AF-S 50mm f/1.4G and has less longitudinal CAs.

At long distance shots there is an issue in the DX-corner where the lens shows some field-curvature. Bokeh is on a pretty satisfying level – in the background as well as the foreground. That justifies a price that is a bit higher than for an equivalent lens from Nikon.

All-in-all it is a good f1.4 lens which you can well use at the largest aperture although you have to accept at f1.4 the corners are soft. But that may not be a bad thing depending on your type of photography. And although the lens does not do contrast-based AF in live-view or movie-mode on my D800 I’d say that manual focus in both modes often is a viable alternative. The functionality of contrast-based AF may also be better on other camera-bodies. And normal phase-detect AF through my DSLR viewfinder was fast and reliable. So I’d still award the Sigma 50/1.4 a Recommended rating. Below I have summarized the good and bad points of the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM for you.



Good points
Pretty convincing performance on a high-resolution full-frame sensor even wide open.
Fast and silent phase-detect based AF.

Bad points
Infinity-performance at the borders/corners of the DX/APS-C image circle could be better.
No weather sealing.
Contrast-based AF in live-view or movie-mode not working on my D800.


If you have any question, comment or suggestion regarding the review head over to our forum here. A selection of my shots with this lens in full resolution can be found here.


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