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RevoRing filter adapter review

The Revoring is a cunning filter adapter from H&Y. Most people buy one filter then adapt it to different lenses using a bunch of step-down rings. In contrast, the Revoring employs a variable mechanism, allowing you to adapt one filter to multiple lenses with just one accessory. There’s three sizes: the smallest takes 52mm filters and adapts them to lenses with 37-49mm threads, the medium takes 67mm filters and adapts them to 46 to 62mm threads, while the largest takes 82mm filters and adapts them to 67-82mm threads. They cost between $35 and $45 each, and there’s models with variable ND filters too. It’s being funded by this Kickstarter campaign, so to see if it’s worth an early punt to grab a discount, I asked my photographer friend Ben to try them out. He’s always swapping filters whether filming video or shooting long exposures, so is the best person I know to test an accessory like this. Here’s his video review.

A variable mechanism allows it to adapt one larger filter to multiple lenses, and fit it quickly too. In my tests it gripped lens filters threads quickly and securely and proved much more convenient than carrying and screwing-on a bunch of stepping rings. Dedicated long exposure photographers will probably prefer the flexibility of a square filter system, but videographers or users of any circular filters will love it.

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