Leica DG 10-25mm f1.7 review


The Leica DG 10-25mm f1.7 is a unique and very flexible lens for Micro Four Thirds photographers and a dream come true for those who shoot video. As the most established mirrorless format, there’s already a wealth of options but the 10-25mm genuinely offers something unique in the system.

The 20-50mm equivalent range isn’t replicated anywhere else, taking you from very wide to standard coverage and making it a surprisingly versatile walk-around lens. The minimum focusing distance allows it to grab useful close-ups, but it’s the constant f1.7 focal ratio that makes it really special. The format has meant earlier f2.8 zooms just haven’t delivered the kind of shallow depth-of-field effects that many desire, but there’ll be few complaints at f1.7, which coupled with the attractive rendering and crisp results means it could easily replace a bunch of primes in your bag.





The range and aperture are perfect for video shooters who’ll also love the clickless aperture ring (at least on Lumix G bodies) and linear manual focusing – indeed if you’re a Micro Four Thirds pro video shooter, stop reading now and start saving.

If you’re a stills photographer, it remains very attractive, but is up against some tough alternatives. Wide-angle fanatics will prefer the Leica DG 8-18mm with its wider coverage, much smaller barrel, narrower filter thread and far lower price. The 8-18mm also suffered from less field curvature than the 10-25mm in my tests and I also have to mention the high price which may initially seem justified for the spec, but is actually roughly similar to a full-frame 16-35mm f2.8 lens, not to mention double that of Sigma’s 18-35mm f1.8 ART for APSC bodies, a model that’s arguably closest in spec.

But again if you’re shooting Micro Four Thirds, there’s simply nothing like it. Videographers have found their holy grail, stills shooters could be seriously tempted, and Micro Four Thirds continues as a compelling format.

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Leica DG 10-25mm f1.7


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