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The following images were taken with the Fujifilm FinePix F30. The F30 was set to its best 6MF quality mode, Auto White Balance, Multi Metering and the Standard F-Mode colour mode. The individual exposure mode, file sizes, shutter speeds, aperture, ISO and lens focal length are listed for each image.

The crops are taken from the original files, reproduced at 100% and saved in Adobe Photoshop CS2 as JPEGs with the default Very High quality preset, while the resized images were made in Photoshop CS2 and saved with the default High quality preset. The three crops are typically taken from far left, central and far right portions of each image.

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Harbour: 2.95MB, Auto, 1/600, f6.4, ISO 100, 8-24mm at 8mm (equivalent to 36mm)

  This shot was taken with the F30 zoomed-out to its widest angle and the optional grid-lines helped align the lake’s ‘horizon’.

The crops are sharp and detailed, although there’s a little coloured fringing in the top left which is seen again in the example below. There’s also some compression artefacts when viewed at 100% but neither these nor the slight fringing would be visible on most prints.


Landscape: 3.14MB, Auto, 1/480, f5, ISO 100, 8-24mm at 8mm (equivalent to 36mm)

    Another wide angle shot and again the optional grid lines greatly helped with the desired alignment.

As above, there’s a small amount of coloured fringing towards the corner, but nothing to be too concerned about.

Overall the image is pleasing and the crops sharp and detailed.


Still life : 2.98MB, Auto, 1/420, f3.2, ISO 100, 8-24mm at 10mm (equivalent to 45mm)

  This still life was taken under very bright conditions with the lens zoomed-in by one ‘notch’.

As in the previous examples, the subject has been evaluated and recorded well by the F30 and the crops are sharp and detailed with only slight coloured fringing and compression artefacts visible under very close scrutiny.

You can compare this result with a matching shot in our Canon PowerShot A640 review.


Macro: 2.75MB, Auto, 1/170, f2.8, ISO 200, 8-24mm at 8mm (equivalent to 36mm)

  For this image we set the F30 to its macro mode and positioned it close to the flower. Relatively dim conditions saw the F30 open its aperture and increase the ISO to 200 to avoid camera-shake.

The result is again pleasing with some sharp details viewed at 100% including the insect, and again the only complaints are slight compression and noise artefacts most visible here around the border of the petal and background foliage in the third crop. Again, little to worry about though.


Indoor: 2.87MB, Auto, 1/105, f2.8, ISO 800, 8-24mm at 8mm (equivalent to 36mm)

  Fujifilm sells the F30 on its high ISO performance so we’ve put that to the test in the next two shots; this one was taken at 800 ISO.

With auto white balance the shot suffered from a strong orange cast, so we manually selected tungsten white balance.

The crops viewed at 100% show evidence of noise and noise reduction, but they’re cleaner than any other compact at 800 ISO. This is a very good result for a compact.


Portrait: 2.95MB, Auto, 1/60, f3.4, ISO 1600, 8-24mm at 12mm (equivalent to 54mm)

    In this shot we increased the sensitivity to 1600 ISO and used the flash. Fujifilm’s ‘Intelligent Flash’ controls flash power at high sensitivities to avoid washed-out results, and it’s certainly delivered a natural result here in Auto mode.

The crops viewed at 100% clearly show the effects of noise and noise reduction and it’s fair to say 1600 ISO is best used for smaller prints. But it’s important to remember we’re talking about a compact here. 1600 ISO on most compacts is a joke, but on the F30 it’s a practical option. See our results pages for an example at 3200 ISO.

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