Fujifilm VPB-XT2 review - Verdict


Fujifilm’s VPB-XT2 is a must-have accessory for almost every XT2 owner. Like all grips, it’ll boost the battery life, provide portrait controls and give you more to hold onto, but it also transforms the camera’s handling. Where most grips prevent you from using the battery in the body, the VPB lets you use three simultaneously, tripling the life and giving each an icon on-screen. By prioritizing the grip batteries, overheating can also be better-managed, allowing the camera to triple 4k and double 1080p recording times. The increased power on tap also enhances the Performance Boost mode, accelerating the mechanical burst speed from 8 to 11fps, while visibly speeding-up the focusing and reducing viewfinder lag and blackout. The grip also includes a headphone jack and DC input which, with the supplied AC adapter, can charge two batteries simultaneously or power the camera from mains. If you’re an XT2 owner who uses the larger lenses in the catalogue, shoots action, or films movies, you’ll find the VPB-XT2 an invaluable accessory.


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Fujifilm VPB XT2

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