How to photograph fireworks

Firework displays can be spectacular but present a number of challenges to capture on-camera. In my simple guide I’ll share my tips and techniques for photographing fireworks whether you’re shooting New Year, 4th July or any other celebration!…

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Solar Eclipse Photography

A Total Solar Eclipse is one of nature’s most spectacular sights: as the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun it gradually obscures the disc until the faint wispy Coronal atmosphere is revealed! I’ve photographed two Total Solar Eclipses and in my guide will explain everything I’ve learned!…

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Bangkok bites: the best streetfood in Thailand!

Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand has a special place in my heart. It was the first country I’d visited in the region, introducing me to travel which felt truly exotic. Twenty years later I returned, determined to find the best streetfood in Bangkok. Here’s my guide to finding it, photographing it and of course eating it!…

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How to use a polarizer filter

Landscape shots with distant subjects like canyon rims or mountain ranges can often look hazy even under the sunniest conditions. One of the most effective ways of cutting through this haze and capturing a vibrant photo with saturated colours and a deep blue sky is to use a polarizing filter. In this workshop I’ll show…

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Shooting pro-cycling with mirrorless

TL:DR? Of all the cameras I’ve tested, the Sony A6300 becomes the best for sports photography at its price point, whether DSLR or mirrorless; indeed you’d need to spend comfortably more on a DSLR to match its confidence. But the earlier Sony A6000 comes close in many regards, making it a bargain for budget action…

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How to photograph the Tour de France

Over the past three years I’ve photographed the Mountain stages of the Tour de France with mirrorless cameras. In my article I’ll share my experience of visiting and shooting the Tour, including researching the routes, planning locations, choosing the best angles and what kind of gear and settings work well at these kind of events. Most importantly you’ll see how well a $550 consumer camera can capture pro sports action.…

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