Sony Cyber-shot F717 retro review

Back in 2002, Sony launched the Cyber-shot F717, the fourth model in the series to use an L-shaped design with a twisting body. It built on the earlier F707 to deliver one of the best in the series to date and gained later popularity for its infra-red capabilities. Find out how it performs 22 years later in my retro review!…

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Canon EOS D30 RETRO review

The EOS D30 was the first DSLR built entirely by Canon. Teased in the Year 2000 and sporting 3.25 Megapixels, it was ground-breakingly affordable. Find out its story and how it performs 23 years later in my latest retro review!…

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Canon PowerShot Pro70 RETRO review

The Canon Pro70 was the first PowerShot aimed at pros and enthusiasts who couldn’t stretch to the cost of DSLRs of the day. It sported 1.7MP, a 28-70 zoom, flip screen and RAW files, packed into an SLR-styled body. I took it out 25 years later for this retro review!…

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Solar Eclipse Photography

A Total Solar Eclipse is one of nature’s most spectacular sights: as the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun it gradually obscures the disc until the faint wispy Coronal atmosphere is revealed! I’ve photographed three Total Solar Eclipses and in my guide will explain everything I’ve learned!…

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Olympus CAMEDIA C-800L retro review

Back in 1996, Olympus launched their first consumer digital cameras under the new CAMEDIA brand, including the flagship C-800L. It looked traditional but packed more pixels and memory than most rivals. Here’s its story!…

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Apple QuickTake 100 retro review

The Apple QuickTake 100 was arguably the first consumer digital camera, taking VGA colour photos and costing under $1000 when launched in 1994. Join me almost 30 years later as I experience the birth of consumer digital photography!…

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