Olympus CAMEDIA C-800L retro review

Back in 1996, Olympus launched their first consumer digital cameras under the new CAMEDIA brand, including the flagship C-800L. It looked traditional but packed more pixels and memory than most rivals. Here’s its story!…

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Apple QuickTake 100 retro review

The Apple QuickTake 100 was arguably the first consumer digital camera, taking VGA colour photos and costing under $1000 when launched in 1994. Join me almost 30 years later as I experience the birth of consumer digital photography!…

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How to photograph fireworks

Firework displays can be spectacular but present a number of challenges to capture in-camera. In my simple guide I’ll share my tips and techniques for photographing fireworks!…

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Nikon D1 retro review

In 1999, Nikon launched the D1, the first DSLR the company entirely designed by itself. 23 years later I take this 2.7 Megapixel classic out for a retro review!…

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Sony Cyber-shot P1 retro review

In the Year 2000, Sony launched the Cyber-shot P1, an impressively compact camera with 3.3 Megapixels and a 3x zoom that neatly folded into the candy-bar-styled body. In 2022 I take it out around Brighton for my latest retro review!…

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