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Canon PowerShot G7 corner sharpness comparison

Canon PowerShot G7 results continued…

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  To measure and compare the Canon PowerShot G7’s corner sharpness we photographed the Enhanced Digital Camera Resolution Chart with it and a number of rival models, each using their best quality JPEG and default image tone and sharpening settings.

We used the built-in or kit lenses at their widest and longest focal lengths and with various apertures. The crops are taken from the extreme lower left corner of the chart and presented here at 100%.

Zoomed-out to wide angle, the PowerShot G7 delivers good results in its corners with only a small hint of coloured fringing and softness when the aperture is wide open. Interestingly the results are very comparable to the PowerShot A640, despite them employing different lenses. The Panasonic DMC-FZ50 has a slight edge over the two PowerShots, although all three deliver a noticeably superior result to the Canon EOS 400D / XTi’s kit lens in this test when zoomed-out.

Zoomed-in to its telephoto end, the PowerShot G7 again delivers good results, this time with no fringing to worry about, although the crops are slightly softer than the A640’s at smaller apertures; to be fair, the lens range is longer though. The Panasonic DMC-FZ50 shows a little more coloured fringing than its rivals here, although again it’s offering a much greater focal range. All in all though, a decent result for the PowerShot G7 lens, which delivers a respectable degree of sharpness across its entire frame.

Note: the Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi captures a wide 3:2 aspect ratio frame, hence the different numbers in the crops. Each crop still represents the extreme bottom left corner of the frame though.

Canon PowerShot G7
Canon PowerShot A640
Canon 400D / XTi
(using EF-S 18-55mm)
Panasonic DMC-FZ50
Canon PowerShot at 7.4mm f2.8
Canon A640 at 7.3mm f2.8
Canon 400D with 18-55mm at 18mm f3.5
Panasonic FZ50 at 7.4mm f2.8
7.4-44.4mm at 7.4mm f2.8
7.3-29.2mm at 7.3mm f2.8
18-55mm EF-S at 18mm f3.5
7.4-88.8mm at 7.4mm f2.8
Canon PowerShot at 7.4mm f4
7.4-44.4mm at 7.4mm f4
7.3-29.2mm at 7.3mm f4
18-55mm EF-S at 18mm f5.6
7.4-88.8mm at 7.4mm f4
Canon PowerShot at 7.4mm f5.6
Canon A640 at 7.3mm f5.6
Canon 400D with 18-55mm at 18mm f8
Panasonic FZ50 at 7.4mm f5.6
7.4-44.4mm at 7.4mm f5.6
7.3-29.2mm at 7.3mm f5.6
18-55mm EF-S at 18mm f8
7.4-88.8mm at 7.4mm f5.6
Canon PowerShot at 7.4mm f8
Canon A640 at 7.3mm f8
Canon 400D with 18-55mm at 18mm f16
Panasonic FZ50 at 7.4mm f8
7.4-44.4mm at 7.4mm f8
7.3-29.2mm at 7.3mm f8
18-55mm EF-S at 18mm f16
7.4-88.8mm at 7.4mm f8
Canon PowerShot G7
Canon PowerShot A640
Canon EOS 400D / XTi
(with EF-S 18-55mm)
Panasonic DMC-FZ50
Canon PowerShot at 44.4mm f4.8
Canon A640 at 29.2mm f4.1
Canon 400D with 18-55mm at 55mm f5.6
Panasonic FZ50 at 88.8mm f3.7
7.4-44.4mm at 44.4mm f4.8
7.3-29.2mm at 29.2mm f4.1
18-55mm EF-S at 55mm f5-6
7.4-88.8mm at 88.8mm f3.7
Canon PowerShot at 44.4mm f5.6
Canon A640 at 29.2mm f5.6
Canon 400D with 18-55mm at 55mm f8
Panasonic FZ50 at 88.8mm f5.6
7.4-44.4mm at 44.4mm f5.6
7.3-29.2mm at 29.2mm f5.6
18-55mm EF-S at 55mm f8
7.4-88.8mm at 88.8mm f5.6
Canon PowerShot at 44.4mm f8
Canon A640 at 29.2mm f8
Canon 400D with 18-55mm at 55mm f16
Panasonic FZ50 at 88.8mm f8
7.4-44.4mm at 44.4mm f8
7.3-29.2mm at 29.2mm f8
18-55mm EF-S at 55mm f16
7.4-88.8mm at 88.8mm f8
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