Canon WFT-E3(A) wireless file transmitter

Canon WFT-E3(A) product shots

Below are a number of photos of the Canon WFT-E3(A) wireless file transmitter for the EOS 40D and EOS 50D, along with a photo taken with an optional GPS receiver connected and its corresponding playback menu on the EOS 40D showing the position and time details.

  The Canon WFT-E3(A) is shown here mounted to an EOS 40D body.

It equips the 40D or 50D with a portrait grip for comfortable shooting in this aspect ratio, along with wireless networking and USB connectivity options.

The unit is weather-proofed and built to the same standard as the 40D / 50D body.



Here’s the WFT-E3(A) unit pictured from the front. Two metal pins guide the unit into the base of the 40D or 50D body, and a tripod screw turned to securely attach the pair. At the back you can see the data connector.


This shot of the WFT-E3(A) mounted on the 40D shows the duplicate controls for use in the portrait orientation. Along with the shutter release at the front, there’s a duplicate finger dial, AF-ON, AE lock and AF point selection buttons. The On / Off switch can be used to disable these controls, but still keep the unit’s other functions operational.



The WFT-E3(A) pictured from the rear, showing the small non-backlit LCD display, the wheel for the tripod screw and the battery compartment.

The WFT-E3(A) uses a single BP-511A battery, not supplied. This is only used to power the unit and cannot extend the 40D or 50D’s battery life.


  This landscape shot was taken with the EOS 40D with the WFT-E3(A) attached and a Garmin GPS Map 60CSx navigator connected.

This allows the camera to record your exact position and time in the image header.


  Here’s the photo above played-back on the 40D, revealing the GPS information in the lower left corner. This includes the location, elevation and Universal time. The location can be entered into programs like Google Earth to show the exact location the photo was taken, and we have a demonstration in our video tour.  
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