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The Canon EOS M100 is a predictable addition to the EOS M mirrorless range, but no less exciting for that. It’s designed as a first step up from a smartphone, an introduction to ‘real’ photography and, Canon hopes, a stepping stone to a more complex mirrorless model like the M5 or M6. As such it needs to get the balance right, with nothing too complex or unfamiliar, whilst at the same time providing enough control to enable newbie photographers to develop their skills. It also needs to be able to do the things a phone can do at least as well if not better and, finally, it needs some fun feature modes.


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The EOS M100 manages all of those things very well. It’s compact enough to be able to slip it in your pocket and the simple control layout means anyone can pick it up and start using it straight away. The flip-up screen and selfie features combined with great connectivity make it almost as easy to share your photos and videos as if you’d shot them on your phone in the first place. It has good range of effects filters, a time-lapse movie and Hybrid movie mode and the touch screen and well designed interface will make phone photographers feel very at home. Beyond that it offers the same image quality as the more sophisticated EOS M6, the same fast and accurate Dual-pixel AF, 1080p video and respectable 6fps (4fps with Continuous AF) continuous shooting.

Canon isn’t the only manufacturer looking to entice passionate photographers away from their phones though. For around the same price there are alternative options that use the same size and resolution sensor as the M100 including the Fujifilm X-A3 and the Sony A6000, the latter squeezing-in a basic viewfinder and faster burst shooting. Micro Four Thirds alternatives include the Olympus PEN E-PL8 and the Panasonic Lumix GX800 / GX850, both with built-in stabilisation and the latter also boasting 4k video, albeit with less confident movie autofocus. You should compare all of them closely, but there’s no denying the EOS M100 is a great entry-level camera for anyone upgrading from smartphone photography.

Good points
Compact and easy to use.
Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC for easy connectivity.
180 degree tilting touch-screen.
Dual pixel AF for confident focusing in stills and movies.

Bad points
No USB charging in-camera.
Limited native EF-M lens line-up.
No remote live video control.
No built-in viewfinder or 4k video.

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