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The Galaxy S4, or GS4 for short, is Samsung's flagship smartphone. Announced in April 2013, it's the successor to the hugely popular Galaxy S3, or GS3, and like that model showcases the best of the Android platform.

The handset is roughly the same size as the GS3, yet thanks to a thinner bezel, enjoys a slightly larger 5in screen with a considerably higher Full HD 1920x1080 resolution. While the construction remains mostly plastic, the handset itself looks and feels classier than its predecessor. The processing power has received a boost, employing either a 1.9GHz quad core or 1.6GHz Octa-core chipset depending on the model, and the former also enjoys the benefit of LTE along with 3G radios.

What's of most interest to readers of Cameralabs though is the upgraded camera which now sports a higher resolution of 13 Megapixels and a slightly faster lens at f2.2. As an owner of the earlier Galaxy S3, and indeed the original Galaxy S1, I was curious to see how the quality of the new model compares. So I've bought my own Galaxy S4 and in my review I'll concentrate on its photographic aspects, although I'll also comment on the other functions and capabilities as I get to know them through daily use. Owning the phone and using it day-in-day-out additionally means I'll come across and have to deal with many of the foibles which rarely come up in the normal review process, so check back for regular updates! In the meantime though I already have compared the GS4 against its predecessor in my Galaxy S4 vs S3 quality and Galaxy S4 vs S3 noise results pages, and also have a broad selection of photos for you to check out in my Samsung Galaxy S4 sample images!

Samsung Galaxy S4 review

NEW: Galaxy S4 vs S3 quality and Galaxy S4 vs S3 noise results, plus Samsung Galaxy S4 sample images!

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