Panasonic Lumix ZS20 / TZ30 Gordon Laing, April 2012

Panasonic Lumix ZS20 / TZ30 Handheld Night Shot vs Program (at 400 ISO)

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Like most recent Panasonic compacts, the Lumix ZS20 / TZ30 features a Handheld Night Shot mode which stacks multiple images taken in a burst into a single image to reduce noise or shake.

On this page I've put the Lumix ZS20 / TZ30's Handheld Night Shot mode to the test. This automatically selects the sensitivity so I've compared it against the closest manual ISO setting in traditional modes.



  Panasonic ZS20 / TZ30 results
1 Panasonic ZS20 / TZ30 Quality
2 Panasonic ZS20 / TZ30 Noise
3 Panasonic ZS20 / TZ30 Handheld Night Shot
4 Panasonic ZS20 / TZ30 Sample images

In this example I used the same location used as my High ISO Noise results. Under these conditions, the Handheld Night Shot automatically selected 400 ISO, which made a direct comparison in Program mode easy to achieve.

In comparisons with previous models I've noticed the Handheld Nigh Shot version look much less noisy, which can give the appearance of a softer image, but with the same degree of actual detail. This is a good result as it's like applying noise reduction without any smearing.

In this example though, the difference is less dramatic. There's less noise on the Handheld Night Shot version, but not massively so. You'll notice the biggest differences in the wooden surfaces which are cleaner on the Handheld Night Shot version, in particular the third crop showing the Hymn board.

I'll try to add more comparisons soon at higher sensitivities. In the meantime, check out a selection of shots across the sensitivity range, including the new panoramic feature, on my Panasonic ZS20 / TZ30 sample images page.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20 / TZ30: Handheld Night Shot at 400 ISO
f3.9, 1/10, 400 ISO
f3.9, 1/10, 400 ISO
f3.9, 1/10, 400 ISO

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20 / TZ30: Program at 400 ISO
f3.9, 1/10, 400 ISO
f3.9, 1/10, 400 ISO
f3.9, 1/10, 400 ISO

Panasonic ZS20 / TZ30 results : ZS20 / TZ30 quality / ZS20 / TZ30 Noise
/ ZS20 / TZ30 Handheld Night Shot

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