Canon PowerShot G1 X Gordon Laing, March 2012

Canon PowerShot G1 X vs Panasonic GX1 image quality

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To compare real-life quality I shot this scene with the Canon PowerShot G1 X and the Panasonic GX1 within a few moments of each other using their best quality JPEG settings.

The lenses on both cameras were set to the same vertical field of view. Each lens was also focused on the same point on the image and set to an optimal aperture to maximise sharpness and minimise diffraction. I used the standard 14-42mm (non Power Zoom) kit lens on the GX1.

The sensitivity was manually set to the lowest available setting on each camera: 100 ISO on the G1 X and 160 ISO on the GX1.

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The image above right was taken with the Canon G1 X with its lens set to 20mm (37mm equivalent) and the aperture set to f5.6 in Aperture Priority mode. F5.6 was chosen to maximise sharpness while avoiding diffraction, and also selected on the Panasonic GX1. The original JPEG measured 4.12MB.

Both cameras here have 4:3 native aspect ratios, so you're comparing like with like. The Panasonic GX1 has a minor resolution advantage of 16 Megapixels to 14.3 on the G1 X, so its crops below show a slightly smaller area when reproduced at 1:1.

There's a big difference in the first crop of the mountain ridge with the GX1 measuring a different white balance and also optically delivering a softer result in the corner; the G1 X is the clear winner in this first row, but beyond here both cameras and lenses are actually very closely matched.

The G1 X has opted for slightly punchier image processing by default, but the actual real-life detail resolved by both cameras is very similar. Pixel-peeing may reveal some aspects where one slightly beats the other, but it's very close overall.

Once again there benefit of the GX1 is the ability to switch lenses to something sharper (or with different coverage), but if you're comparing it against the G1 X with the basic kit lens, there's not much between them other than a more uniform result in the corners from the Canon. I'd say that's another great result for the Canon G1 X.

Next up, my G1 X RAW vs JPEG results page, or if you're ready for some low light comparisons, check out my G1 X Noise results and for some high res downloads, check out my G1 X sample images.


Canon PowerShot G1 X

Panasonic Lumix GX1 with 14-42mm kit zoom
f5.6, 100 ISO
f5.6, 100 ISO
f5.6, 100 ISO
f5.6, 100 ISO
f5.6, 100 ISO
f5.6, 100 ISO
f5.6, 100 ISO
f5.6, 100 ISO

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