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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:57 am 

Im just about to buy the Yongnuo 460 II, it says its rear curtain sync enabled. What about 1st curtain sync ?

Also if i need to shoot at shutter speeds higher than the cameras sync speed. Will this give me bands of light or dark due to the fast horizontal slit travelling of the shutter leafs.

Ive heard some flashes have what is known as hi-speed sync ? Is this a cam body based function or a flash resident feature ? which fires the flash in a series of bursts to ensure there is no banding effect at higher than sync speeds. Can the YN 460 II flash do that ?

The cam bodies i own are 500d & 550d.


PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:09 pm 
Most 3rd party flashes are incapable of High speed sync, so your pics will have the dark band if you shoot over the camera's sync speed. Anyway, the YN460 is an awesome flash for the price if you are into manual flash photography.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:20 am 
Hi plainman007,
Is it so difficult to read the flash manual, instead of waiting for someone to answer your question? Or at least you could have read the specs of the flash before you had bought it. I have a Yongnuo 462, it does not have HSS, but i can synchronize it up to 1/320 with my Canon 450d. This is because it does not support ETTL so it doesn't tell the camera there is a flash connected. Otherwise if it's not a HSS flash, and it supports ETTL the most you can get is 1/200. There is a way to override this. Just simply put some sticky tape over the connections of the flash, but not covering the two main ones. The big circle, and the one under it... it's easy to figure it out. Let us know which speed did you get your camera to sync with the flash.

I checked the manual of the flash it does not support high speed synchronization-HSS(this is an option built in the flash, not the camera), nor there is ETTL.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:52 am 
Timmy, Thanks for the reply. I will go ahead with the YN-460 flash then.

Popo > Hi and yes it is tough to read the manual. Have you tried getting your hands on a YN flash manual. For godssake They are a china make. Youd be lucky if you found a small xeroxed pamphlet inside giving some vague instructions and nothing more. And i havent bought it yet to have even that.

So before you condemn my post, please do some research or at least see what we are talking about. Theres no use talking about your YN-462 when we are talking about a YN-460 II, they are both different peices of hardware.

Plus the questions i asked about the banding and how it can be overcome or workarounds etc are not questions you get from a manual. I read the maximum i could, have skimmed the whole of flickr to see results of the YN-460 and analyzed the exif data of hundreds of pics to see what shutter speeds were used etc. Ive done my home work to that extent and only then have asked this question along with some other ones on high shutter speed. If we could all solve problems/questions by just reading the manual we wouldnt have this forum would we ? :).

And where in the specs of a YN-460 II (i mean specs given in china's very own mixed up english on ebay, because you cant find specs elsewhere as i dont know if YN even has a website) can you find it says its NOT capable of HSS ? Again YOUR 462 doesnt figure in the question here so dont use that as a comparision. Your lucky you even got a manaul. :).

PS : Your idea of masking off the you think that will eliminate the banding you'd get when you shoot at higher than the cam body's sync speed ? Have you tried that ?

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:16 pm 
No it will not eliminate the shadow of the shutter, if you don't want to see it you need to buy a flash capable of HSS. Everything you try to capture above 1/200 max 1/320 will have that banding your talking about with the flash you intend to buy. YN-460 II ans YN-462 are not that different as you hink they are. The only difference is that 460 II buttons on the back to adjust the flash output and has a built in optical slave, nothing more. About the web site, yes they do have one, just type yongnuo on google and it'll show up. Don't make your decision on pictures you've seen on flicker, if you expect to much from the flash you'll be disappointed..and to mention the guide numbers they give on the specs are not that much, maybe a third less or even more. My advice is if you need a better flash and your on a budget (up to 150 $) get a Nissin 622-II

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