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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 3:25 am 
Hi all

First of all I would like to thank all the people who helped me wether directly or giving me straightforward advices or by spending time and writing reviews !

Not to forget of course Gordon’s reviews one of the best on the web!!

Well regarding my new DSLR!!..initially I didn’t intend to buy a dslr..first I intended to upgrade from my BENQ point and shoot to a better point and shoot or a superzoom.My choices were Panasonic fz28 or canon sx10 and I settled for the canon and waited for it’s release,but after a while when I started to check the prices..i figured out that i can add some amount of money and get an entry DSLR since their prices dropped!

My first choices d60,Olympus e-520,sony a300,canon 1000d/rebel XS.I couldn’t try the grip of the Olympus so I was a bit afraid and excluded it from my choices,also the lenses r a bit pricey.Nikon d60 is an awesome camera..well built and the grip is very good((for my hands)) but I was worried about lacking overview, then I tried the sony a300,well I liked the features so much..quick liveview and tilting screen I took my decision but when I went to the store to try it…I was let down immediately by the grip..i didn’t like it((personal preference))…when I tried the 450d which I found there in the just felt right which proves the importance of the grip..GO TO UR STORE AND TRY THE GRIP…u may consider something u’ve never been thinking off :) !
((During my long d90 showed up, but it was waaay to much for me..i couldn’t afford it))

Finally I bought the CANON REBEL XSI/450D!!


Awesome camera…I love it!! Beware that it’s my first dslr but it’s really simple((I’ve been reading a little about photography lately))..menus come out very organized and easy to remember!build quality for the money is good though the memory card door sometimes make plastic squeezing sounds!!

I bought another lens which is the Canon 50mm f1.8 and using it along with the kit lens 18-55 f3.5-5.6…good for the money!!
I bought also a battery grip..Opteka!!

Image quality with the kit lens is very good and AF is fast,50mm is sharper of course..but if wanna exploit the real thing about the sensor then invest in higher lenses!!

What I like:

1-Ease of use..all the menus r well sorted.

2-Shortcut buttons like the WB,AF,ISO,PIC STYLE,Metering…etc…which in some other models u can’t get a direct access,u’ve to go through the menus to adjust related values!!

3-Good noise control up to ISO 800 and acceptable @ 1600 also!

4-Liveview:During my first days I didn’t use the liveview at all,I was overwhelmed by the viewfinder experience and regretted making presence of a liveview function as one of my consideratons to choose a model,but after a few days for situations like:Macro shots when u need precise manual focus,difficult angles,giving the camera to someone else to shoot..etc it appeared to be very useful and also u can preview the white balance and metering during shooting.

5-Battery life:I know that some other models offer a longer battery life..but for me using a single battery.single charge I managed to shot around 450 shots while using flash and liveview a lot and the battery was drained..if u want extra power and better handling buy the battery grip!!((if u use liveview frequently beware that it EATS the battery))

6-Picture Style:Many effective parameters!!

7-Instant power on:Turn it on and shoot instantly!!no lag at all!!

8-Built in flash is good and the flash exposure compensation really makes a difference if u know how to adjust it((i took some portraits in low light and everything was very well balanced)

What I didn’t like:

1-Iso settings:I don’t like the absence of smaller increments for iso.Like I’m shooting at 200 and I want to raise it a bit so I have to double going to 400,well the problem becomes very clear when u r at 800 cuz if u want more u have to double to 1600 which is way too much..i mean the presence of ISO 1000 or any other fraction will make things better!!((highest ISO is 1600 also))
((HINT if u didn’t read the manual:if u want to start from ISO 100 u have to disable the highlight tone priority..otherwise it starts from 200))

2-WHITE BALANCE:The presets never come out right..SPECIALLY indoor tungsten..always very warm!! Daylight is very cold…etc! I wish there was a Kelvin scale!!
((This can be solved easily by making custom white balance for the tricky light source and after doing so..the white balance is 100% accurate..but there is only one custom setting so each time u go to a new place u’ve to make a new one :) ))

Final words:

All my dislikes r just personal preferences,it doesn’t imply that the camera is bad or something like that!also the grip appeared to be a bit small for my hands!!

If u r going to buy a new DSLR u have to consider somethings:

First:Think wisely!
If u start buying lenses for canon then most probably ur next model will be canon so know exactly what do u want and what u r planning in the future!

Second:Reviews r good..but it’s not the whole story!!
Go and try the camera by urself! Handle it and see the grip,balance and weight!!If it feels right then this is the camera for u..if not then compare between the pros and cons and reconsider!!

Third:Save money for….!!
Everyone told me :’’if this is ur first DSLR,then buy an entry model and invest in a good lens’’
I was too ignorant to listen to them .NO doubt that the body is important,but when I see REBEL xsi with high end lenses I say WOOOW..this is the real thing!!((BTW,the kit lens for starting is very good))

Fourth:It’s lame but I have to say it…SIZE!!
As a previous point & shoot user I was worried about the size ,how and where that camera will fit or not!!Frankly speaking if u intend to buy a DSLR stop thinking about the rebel 450d is smaller and more compact than the 40d for example.I mean that since u start carrying sizes like that the differences r minor because in all case it won’t fit in ur pocket  also if u have a flash ,battery grip and two lenses…then forget about size and other compactness dreams of point & shoot!
((wht made me mention that ,the fact that I’ve considered buying the Nikon d80 but I said it’s too I know that it won’t’s a new world,REAL CAMERAS!!))

Canon,nikon,olympus..etc all of them r good models,it depends on you and how to make the best of it! It took me about two months to take that decision i was bored and frustrated byt he fact that everyday i find a good point then find something not there!!It's a circle,no start nor end.U will never find a complete camera(and i can't even define what a complete camera is)..but be sure that u'll find the BEST camera for ur NEEDS!

Buying a DSLR is totally a new experience specially if u r a newbie like me and new to this world!! U’ll be surprised by the amount of accessories u can find and how these things alter what’s in ur hands!!I never thought that this will be true but this camera inspires me to shoot more and more everyday!!

Buy the canon 450d and u won't regret it!!So far it didn't let me down!!

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:06 am 
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Hi fadydrums,

Thanks for taking the time to write your review. Having that first DSLR perspective will, I'm sure, be very helpful for others faced with the same buying decision.

I agree that it's odd that it's odd that Canon have chosen not to provide incremental ISO increments on the 450D/XSi. It's on the 40D so I suspect, but don't know, that this is a marketing decision rather than a hardware limitation. That said, there have been suggestions that the incremental ISO settings on some cameras don't actually help very much when compared to the noise levels from the higher ISO setting. One workaround you might want to experiment with is to shoot in RAW (or JPEG + RAW), use the lower ISO number, underexpose slightly (using exposure compensation) and then recover the image during post-processing. But this is a lot of work to do just to avoid a slightly longer exposure time.


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:25 pm 
I Switched to nikon d90

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:31 pm 

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Holy hell!

I was bored, and frustrated by the fact that everyday i found a good point, and then find something not there!!It's a circle,no start nor end.You will never find a complete camera(and i can't even define what a complete camera is)..but be sure that you'll find the BEST camera for your NEEDS!

You have said exactly what so many before you have tried to articulate!

That is exactly, 100% the buyers dilemma!

I did fix the quote a little though, to make it read like english. (Damn 'U's)[/quote]

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:38 pm 
I switched also from canon 450d to nikon D90 and bought soem new lenses!

Thanks for fixing the quote because apparently english isn't my first language :)

Keep shooting

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