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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:42 am 
Well, as a veteran Canon S5 IS owner, I am very torn...

I love my S5 when shooting in good light/low ISO, and the video, while low res compared to today's offerings is quite good, easy to edit, and runs as long as I want it to. It gets the job done quite handily.

I was "driven" into DSLRs because of the S5 IS's poor high ISO performance, (Lack of, that is!) from the grainy and drab evening & "mug shot" flash-photos at my sister's wedding reception.
Now, years later having progressed to a Nikon D700 & D300s with pro glass from a D60 with kit lenses, I am at a crossroads. My wife hates when I travel with all the bulk of the DSLRs. (I didn't mind carrying the gear, but I HATE to hear her complain!) And the zoom factor of the SX40 puts all but my 500mm lens to shame. (The D300s gets equivalent 750mm which is close to the SX40's zoom at least. And the 1.4x Nikon Teleconverter gets me the rest of the way there with still better image quality, but a lot more weight & bulk.) But the thought of having to carry yet another type of battery & charger sucks! I can use the very same Eneloops or 2700mh Sony AAs that I keep in my Nikon SB flashguns with the S5 IS. (I have pretty near 50 of them at this point!) Even the D700 & D300s use the same batteries! (Part of why I refused to "upgrade" from the D300s to the D7000 for the better image quality. Plus I'd need a different battery grip since the D7000 uses a different one than the D700...)

But the image quality that I've seen on & on review sites makes a compelling argument to upgrade my S5. Even with the battery grip on my D700 & D300s, I only get 8FPS. The SX40 gets 10FPS, so I wouldn't be losing much in action shots due to slower SX40 response over-all provided I pre-focus it seems. Not to mention that the largest lense that I "walk around with" is a 70-200mm VRII which is a far cry from the walk around reach of the SX40.
So torn...

And yes I realize that I am commiting a huge taboo to both Nikon and Canon fanboys/girls by shooting both! But I give my allegiance to the PRACTICALITY of a tool, rather than it's manufacturer. I like the performance of the Canon Bridge Camera line better than the Nikon offerings, but I like the ergonomics of the Nikon DSLRs better than the Canon offerings. No other reason(s) needed for me.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:15 am 
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Hi Welcome aboard.
have you tried earplugs :P

in all seriousness, I agree with your thoughts on small compacts, Canon does it better than Nikon. On DSLR`s its what you get used to and I appreciate what Nikon does. Its the cost of some of their lenses that has put me off.
But like you said, judge each segment of the market on its own merit. I wouldn`t hesitate buying Sony, Panasonic, Fuji etc. if they delivered what I was looking for.

Canon Powershot S95, Canon 6D,7D, Canon 40 2.8 STM, Tamron 24-70 2.8 VC, Canon 17-40 L, Canon 15-85, Canon 85 1.8, Sigma 30 1.4, 50mm 1.8, Canon 100 2.8L Macro, Canon 70-300L +Kenko 1.4 Pro 300DGX, Canon 430EX II and RS 4 Classic

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:28 am 
Thank you for the warm welcome maxjj.

I appreciate your insight, and agree with what you've written, including the part about Nikon lens prices. But to me it's worth it for the quality I perceive that I am getting. I have some stunner images from my original kit lenses which continually reminds me that it is the eye, opportunity, and content that makes a great photo. But I have a greater percentage of "keepers" since I've upgraded to the better glass, so I'll live the fantasy a while longer... :wink:

I think I may have to pick a SX40 soon... There are some dojo functions that I want to capture coming up, and it's a lot easier to move around a crowded dojo with a single Bridge camera than with a 70-200mm on one DSLR body and a 50mm on another.

 Post subject: SX40 !> SX1 ???
PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:49 am 
How long will I have to wait for a true successor to the SX1 that is actually better in every way?

The specific features I am still looking for that the SX40 doesn't seem to have are:

0) RAW support - preferably in all still modes.

1) Equal or better true HD 30fps recording with some faster 720p or less slo-mo modes ranging up to at least 400fps or so. 1000fps would be very very nice but probably not practical in 2011.

2) GPS, mems gyro+accelerometer (surely already present for stabilization), compass enabled - automatically tag photos with not only the cameras location and heading but the approximate subject location (use focus+zoom info to estimate distance) for long zoom photos - I commonly shoot from mountaintops across 6 or 7 mountain ranges...

3) AA batteries option

4) HDR capability built in

===== ok these next ones are not really realistic for Canon or any other stand alone camera manufacturer but hey why not at least aim high =====

5) major all round sensor improvements and less noise especially in low light etc etc, staying just within the bounds of known physics, manufacturing capabilities, and economics...

6) better point and shoot capability by software design + sensor use, think Apple & iPhone 4S... voice input could be a useful feature at some point but no camera company is actually capable of Siri like functionality in any near time frame.

7) sub $500 price tag, sub $750 if I actually thought they had an innovative customer centric in all things product remotely on par with an Apple device -- you really should not have to be a camera geek to take truly great photos in all conditions in 2011, sensors + software + design can come together like magic if suitably matched.

8) wifi transfer of photos, better yet take it further and partner with Apple to include iCloud integration directly from the camera.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:32 am 
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Hi everyone, I just finished my Canon PowerShot SX40 HS review!

I hope you like it! Let me know what you think...


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:22 am 
Menotyou - You make some good points, but Canon, as with other DSLR makers, won't spec-up Bridge-Zooms too close to their lower-end Entry-Level DSLRs, where more profits are - lenses, accessories, so on.

So we're more likely to see higher-specced Bridge-Zooms out of the makers that don't at present do DSLRs - Panasonic, Fuji, so on...

To your list:

0) - RAW support - yes, as those who don't want the "fuss and bother" can just leave it "selected off" - but as you say, should be 'all-modes' - and work with Fast-Continuous. See Panasonic FZ150. (My last-year's Fuji HS10 does RAW / RAW+JPEG at 5fps/3/fps - but only saves 6 images at either rate.) (In JPEG-only it does 7fps/12fps, but still only saves 7 images.)

1) - For some reason the SX40 has 1280 x 720 at 30fps, and 1920 x 1080 at 24fps... Perhaps Full-HD at 30fps would compete with Canon DSLRs? The Fuji HS10 does the 1920 x 1080 at 30fps, same as its 1280 x 720. But the 1280 x 720 is slightly better quality. That might be a small-sensor factor - and also why Canon have kept their 1920 x 1080 to 24fps - that might work better...

As for Slow-Motion - my HS10 has 1000fps - and 480fps - those are at 224 x 64 and 224 x 168.... After a couple of tries - you dump both - not practical.... The 442 x 332 at 480fps and 640 x 480 at 120fps are both very usable - and the Canon SX40 has 320 x 240 at 480fps - and the "best slo-mo size" - the 640 x 480 , at 120fps.

The HS10 also does Std HD at 60fps - but like all the others, that's 30-seconds limit, and of coursem no audio,,,

2) - For those who wish everywhere they go and everything they do to be trackable by Big-Brother - GPS is very nice. I wouldn't want a camera on which it couldn't be totally and safely disabled...

3) - AA batteries - preferably Eneloops - Absolutely...! (That's why I "looked elsewhere" and bought a 4xAAs-HS10...) AAs are so very much better for us-P&S-ers, indeed. Perhaps Canon could do as Pentax has with its K-R DSLR - it comes with a Li-Ion that holds enough grunt for a few shots, but isn't a "Big" Li-Ion - as in a 5D2 or such - so it can be replaced by a holder for 4 x AAs. 4 Eneloops give more than twice as many shots as the "trendy" little Li-Ion...

Or, as the SX40 - and coming SX50 - are about the same size as entry-level DSLRs - set it up for an optional "Grip" - that might hold 2 x sets of 4 x AAs. SX-Grip-Accessory = $50.00? Even at that - if I'm choosing between the Panasonic FZ200 (the Li-Ion propelled one after the FZ150) - and it doesn't have an "Eneloops-Grip" and the Canon SX50 does... (Or either is big enough to use a Pentax-style 4 x AAs holder to replace the Li-Ion...)

Makers apparently just don't realise - or maybe don't want to - just how many millions of us love and are addicted to - our AAs / Eneloops...

A bit like - "some people" won't buy a camera without a Viewfinder... Which vastly limits lower and midrange P&S choices to a handful...!

4) HDR built-in? Hmmm.... Have a look at Reviews of cameras which claim to have that... No - a good EV range with AEB - and a good (free, for Windows, Mac, and Linux) program like "Luminance" - will work far better. Until there's better in-camera tech, anyway.

5) Don't think we'll get bigger-better sensors, better high-ISO, low-light (the 10Mpix BSI-CMOS HS10 is pretty good - for a P&S - on those) - for the same reasons as above - it'd take them too close to DSLR functions.

6) More "automatics"...? Better and easier - more external controls (look at an HS10 - a dozen-plus external controls) - for the Priorities and Manual, will better.

7) Bridge Cameras are already overlapping the Entry-Level DSLRs on pricing - where I am, Sydney - the Panasonic FZ150 has just gone on sale for AUD$669.00 - a bit over US$670.00...

Somebody's "having a lend" - I can buy - from the same business - a Pentax K-R with 18-55mm kit lens - for $635.00...

For about that difference in price - you can also get the holder to run the K-R on 4 x Eneloops...

Regards, Dave.

 Post subject: Great Article Gordon!
PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:58 pm 
Excellent info as always.

Just a couple of knit-pick things if you are interested:

Introduction page 1
"...Both are very welcome upgrades over its predecessor with only offered 720p video and 1.3fps continuous shooting.". I'd change the WITH ONLY to WHICH ONLY.

"... and it's revealing the FZ150 focuses most confidently of the three, implying its shorter zoom range could actually be seen as a benefit in some areas of performance.". I'd add THAT between REVEALING and THE.

Final Verdict
"...The SX40 HS has its fair of features, but the Panasonic FZ150 boasts even more...". Has its fair SHARE of features?

Like I said, knit-picks only. Great article! Please keep them coming. I look forward to seeing each new review, and learning as much as possible about each new product!

Question: After evaluating both now, if someone asked you to choose between the Fuji HS20 and the Canon SX40, which would you go with, and why? I was SO hyped about the SX40, but your review of the HS20 looked VERY enticing! (I think that I would personally appreciate a clean 8mp RAW photo over a noisier 12-24mp photo shot in JPG...). Plus those AA batteries are a major win in my book, since I have over 50 Eneloops or Enermax AAs already for my flashes and D700 & D300s battery grip.

Ken N.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:27 am 
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Thanks Ken, I've made those corrections!

As for the HS20, it's hard for me to say as I didn't write that review personally, so I don't have direct experience with it.

If you need a camera which takes AA batteries or this is really important to you, then obviously it's one of the few which still does. But for me, the best overall super-zoom for enthusiasts is the Panasonic FZ150. But as always it depends what your priorities are and it sounds like support for AA batteries is crucial for you...

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:29 pm 
Knorris908 - Before you jump-at the Fuji HS20 EXR - have a "very close" look at what you might want to do with it.

I've had an HS10 for a bit over a year - and like any Fuji (I've had others) - it has its share of "Fuji-isms". That is - some things it does well, and some it doesn't.

The HS10 has 10Mpix on a 1/2.3" BSI sensor - the HS20 puts 16Mpix on a 7% larger 1/2.0" EXR sensor.

If you are thinking of doing video with the HS20 - as it has both 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720 - same as the HS10 - it also has the same lens setup, with Twist-Zoom - as the HS10.

The twist-zoom is fabulous for stills - very much faster (and no 'steps') than any power-zoom I've used. But - the "high-gearing" that makes it so good for stills - makes it 'impossible' for video. As said elsewhere - zooming video with an HS10/20 is very "Jerk-O-Matic".

With the 30x / 720mm equiv. zoom - holding steady over '500mm' is awkward, as the AF hunts around on all but glaringly bright days. So you stick the device on a tripod - gently... In fact - VERY Gently....

Reason - it's a fairly heavy block of camera - and Fuji has 'blessed' it with a Plastic tripod mount. Which is 5mm from the battery-door, and there are reports of it cracking through. Or "tightening" the QR shoe too firmly - can "slog-out" the plastic threads.

Neither can be fixed under warranty, as Fuji says that the mount is "for occasional light tripod use only". The mount can't be replaced - the whole case of the camera must be replaced... A new camera is apparently cheaper.

On the other side - the 3-5-7-12fps Continuous works well. (3 and 5fps in RAW, and RAW+JPEG, where it saves 5/6 shots, not the 7 it does in JPEG only.) Functions in Auto and Program aren't ideal - Aperture and Shutter Priority get much better results. Learn to use the on-barrel MF ring (use the +/- button as an AF 'approx preset'.) And the full Manual mode is pretty good.

I'm getting 400-450 shots with Eneloops - no video or flash.

Regards, Dave.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:59 am 
Hello, first time posting here!

Been looking for a new camera lately for a trip I plan to do early next year and was looking at the SX40 HS and now after reading this review, I am hesitating between it and the FZ150.

I find the SX40 to give better results when taking pics but indeed the AF is really bad with video and image quality is even worse, especially zoomed. In the review, this is described as "rolling shutter artefact", is there some sort of detailed explanation for why it does that? When I look at the third video, the tripod mounted zoom view, as you reach full zoom and stay still for a few seconds, the image is wobbling alot, same for the fully zoomed cable car video. Lots of wobbling. Are there no settings to help reduce this? This totally ruins the video and is very apparent as soon as you start zooming.

The FZ150 has zero wobbling (none that I could see at least), the image doesn't seem to tear or anything, it is fixed solid but not as good with the stabilization. Could it be the stabilization on the SX40 to be problematic? no way to turn it off/make it less aggressive?

Thanks in advance and thanks for the great review, defenatly know what to expect now!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:43 am 
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Welcome on-board SVoyager!

Part of the problem is the SX40 HS's longer focal length, so in the videos when it's fully zoomed-in, it is at a much longer focal length than the FZ150.

But certain shaking motion does accentuate the rolling shutter effect (google it!), and the SX40 HS looked worse in that regard, but again any shaking is going to be more pronounced at the longer focal length, so again much of the SX40 HS's problem is in fact its longer zoom range.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:16 pm 
my observation only:

im very happy with the result of SX 40 HS coming from SX 1 IS. very nice iso handling and longer battery life for SX 40 HS no more bringing extra 4 pcs AA batt. :)


Canon PowerShot SX40 HS
Exposure 0.003 sec (1/320)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 81 mm
ISO Speed 1250
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash Off, Did not fire

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 6:19 pm 
Thanks for the reply Gordon,

Indeed zooming accentuate this but I see on the video that even at the zoom levels of FZ150 , I can still see the wobbling effect on the SX40 HS while I don't see it at all on the FZ150 (or barely). At about 9-10 seconds of the 3rd sample movie of the SX40 HS (full zoom in and out on the island), I already see the wobbling effect appear (and the camera is barely zoomed in at 9-10 seconds). The FZ150, if I see something, I see it at its full zoom and its barely noticeable. Something is not right with the SX40 HS video.

My friend decided to go ahead and buy the SX40 as video wasn't too important for him and he found the picture quality to be very good. So he brought it to work and I could try it some.

Turning IS off on a tripod seemed to help things, but can't be certain as I haven't seen the end result on a 1080p tv/monitor. He will let me keep the camera for a few days so I'll be able to get a better idea and will post back my results.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:22 pm 
Ric_Tan - You're getting more than 550-600 shots (no flash or video) with your SX40's Li-Ion? Canon claims 400 for the SX40, no flash/video, and if you only use the viewfinder, not the LCD.

My 550-600 comparison is SX10 (same vintage as the SX1) - using sets of AA Eneloops properly slow-charged.

Maybe you were able to buy an after-market Super Li-Ion that's more efficient than 4 x AA Eneloops...?

Perhaps Canon will "do a Pentax K-R" for the SX50 - that is, offer the camera with a wimpy little Li-Ion - but also offer an optional holder for 4 x AAs (a lot more shots per charge) - that fits into the power-pack slot. That also gives the option - on a trip, maybe - of using 4 x Energizer Lithiums - over 1,100 shots with that camera.

The SXxx cameras are about the size of the Pentax K-R - and like the earlier Pentaxes - K200D, K-M, K-X - were formerly AA-powered.

Perhaps Canon might not make vast profits from a 4 x AAs holder for the SX50 - with the Pentax K-R, the Brand-Name holders are over AUD$60.00 (in Sydney - half that in the US) - but the option is so hugely popular, that very rapidly, third-party holders were available at rather more "sensible" prices.....

But even if Canon didn't make much selling Brand-Name AA-holders - they do make profits selling cameras - in Australia 'enormous profits' (the SX40 is AUD$519.00 here - you can have a G12 for $50.00 more...) - and nowadays - when the SX40 is Mini-Li-Ion powered - that the Panny FZ150 is also Li-Ion is no dis-incentive over the Canon...

And (with add-on for $180.00) - the 1,020mm optical reach of the FZ150 is a bit more than the FX40's 840mm... (People tend to buy bridge-zooms for the zoom... )

- Of course - the SX50 - with 40x-plus Zoom - 1,000mm equiv, 3-level stabilisation - WITH 4 x AAs holder option - and "puh-lease" price it under $500.00 in Australia - might be even more attractive.... :D

Regards, Dave.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:17 pm 

if im not mistaken the battery life of SX 1 IS is not the same as SX 10 IS, SX10 IS has a longer battery life. i always bring my slowly charge extra 4 pcs eneloop battery on my sx 1 is

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