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 Post subject: K100D Super
PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 3:06 am 
I've had the K100D Super w/ 18-250mm lens for about six weeks now, and I am pleased as punch with it. I've always been drawn to bridge-type cameras (Panasonic FZ-30, for one) because I'm not real fond of changing lenses. Those cameras tend to be very noisy, but I usually kept them under ISO 400. The K100D Super with the aforementioned lens has been a dream. Image stabilization has let me take crisp shots down to 1/10 (handheld), and even at ISO 3200 the prints are quite acceptable. The AUTO white balance is only so-so, but manually setting the white balance is an easily accessed function. If Pentax had the resources & marketing exposure of Canonikon, I truly believe the big boys would take a considerable hit. I think the 6 megapixel CCD generates less noise than those cameras with 10 or more. If I decide to start printing billboard-size prints, I'll consider upgrading to something with more megapixels. The 4" x 6" prints I've made from this camera have been every bit as good as those from my Nikon D80--that's saying a lot, considering the price difference. Just wanted to post a little plug for the Pentaxians, 'cause they sure are getting a bargain if they buy this camera.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 7:52 am 
I agree with your K100d assessment.
It is a SWEET camera.

I actually bought a second K100d (by now a Super) as a backup body.

Unfortunately I cannot whole heartedly recommend to anyone without lens legacy issues to go Pentax though.

I had 2 bad K10d models in a row.

The first was a dead on arrival, on the second one the shake reduction switch simply fell off with a stress crack after only 4 months - a badly designed mechanical switch assembly is quite obvious.
In disecting the body I of course voided my warranty, but I could not resist the temptation to check why this thing broke off.
I am still making payments on the second body, as Pentax refused to send me parts and wanted the camera to be sent in for them to repair it at their cost.
You can imagine that after two bad bodies I didn't want to throw more money after lost faith in K Bayonet for more than 30 years!
From the Dubai shots that have been posted I am very disappointed in the K20d as well.
Not only were the originally posted images badly underexposed, with confirmation by users that the out of camera results are often flat and dead looking.
The same banding issue that plagued my K10d at high ISO is also present in the K20d, and it seems even more so.
I can only laugh at actual posts that rave about IQ and lack of banding, when the streaks are right there in the posted image. One really bad example is not even posted anymore.
Pentax fan boys are not doing a good thing here by raving about IQ when pointing to a lousy sample pics.
Ever see Chaplin's "A King in New York"? If you did, you'll now what I mean by the commercial that sells anything with "YUM YUM!" even when the stuff makes the actor choke and cough on live TV ;)

Like I said, I have used K-Bayonet cams for 30 years since I was a teen, but the time will come when my current digital bodies wear out.
I don't believe modern electronics last like old Marantz HiFi gear anymore!

When that body replacement time comes, and Pentax has not repeated the feat of the K100d and instead continued the downhill slope begun with the K10d, I will go Canon or Nikon.

I have already read about too many quality control issues with the K20d barely beginning delivery, being delivered DOA or with sensor dead/hot pixel issues the very first day (quoting one user here, it looks like the "Big Dipper" across all images taken) and focus problems in a fan boy group in Germany that I still occasionally lurk in.

There may be some issues with Olympus QA for the new E3 as well, but that is discussed far more openly in that community at , so I'd be more comfortable with those cameras any day than with a newer generation 10MP and up Pentax at this point.
Maybe they can fix it with a "K30", but until then, hands off the new models if you have freedom of lens choice, because the K100d is OUT of production!

 Post subject: K100D Super
PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:45 am 
Thanks for the reply. I'd never used a Pentax until the K100D Super, so some of your more technical comments had me looking at the screen like Forrest Gump. Hate to hear bad stuff about Pentax customer support--really wanted to think these guys were wired differently & would try to beat Canikon with superior customer satisfaction. Much of what you said was regarding the K10D--if I missed something, sorry. What's your assessment of the K100D Super?

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 9:29 pm 
The K100d Super is the same sweet piece as the K100d :)

I love the pictures, especially the colors, and the crisp appearance.

I like both cameras. The only big differences are the added support for the new sonic motor drive lenses and a special dirt whacking mode that makes the sensor wagg a few times. It feels like having an accelerated version of an exicted dog sitting next to you on the couch, who is whacking his tail on the cushion when you scratch his favorite spot.

So far, I couldn't tell if it makes a difference. From what I have read, the only system that tested effective for dust removal, is the Oly system.
So, rather than letting my camera beat up my movable sensor assembly all the time, I don't use it, and will clean the sensor by hand when I start seeing those telltale dirt circles (looks like a raindrop fell on your lens, except very small, and one must be in 100% pixel view to spot it).
High ISO is great, and after experimenting with RAW processing, even iso3200 can yield good results. It may look like the image is printed on a saw dust covered canvas, but that is far better than the outright smeared results from some other, higher priced models from all manufacturers.

So - between 6MP and 10MP - not enough difference to tell, even on a billboard.
If you were to get close enough to a billboard to start seeing pixels (they are made to be viewed at distances from which their size appears to the eye like a regular magazine ad, not a painted wall!), then even 10MP won't make a difference - because the actual linear resolution factor is only increased by 1.3.
WHAT? Yes, that is right - mathematically, going from 6MP to 10MP, you only get get 1.3 pixels for every 1 pixel horizontally and vertically.

6MP ~ 3000 x 2000 pixels
10MP ~ 3800 x 2500 pixels

Just look at the figures above - the picture doesn't get that much bigger, right ? ;) To get noticeably better, you need a camera with at least 4 times the resolution (2 by 2, to double pixel count horizontally and vertically), so a 25MP model - with a sensor that is also 4 times the size, to avoid noise issues. Here is the problem - APS-C is half a "full frame" size for a 35mm coparable body. So, that 25MP next gen cam would need to be a step up from "full frame", aiming for a Pentax 67 sized, or Hasselblad sized instrument. You can buy one here, if you'd like :)

Now, if you clicked the above link, I hope you are recovering from the sticker shock by now, safely off the floor, and back on the chair :)
Bang/Buck wise, the K100d (and the Super) were the best thing out there, unless you need really fast focus and lots of pictures per second performance. In that case, Canon and Nikon are still the Kings. But glass with stabilization will cost you more .... still, in the future, once my K100 series bodies wear out, no more buying Pentax gear, unless they prove to me they are building what counts: fast autofocus, low noise and no streak sensors, 5 frames per second, at a price comparable to a Canon 40d. Anything less is lame and a waste of my very hard earned money.
I have enough lenses and gear and I can wait a long time now - Pentax will have to tempt me with another GOOD camera like the K100d to consider NOT switching to canikon down the line - but their management at this time is odd to say the least.

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