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Queenstown, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful locations on the planet and the perfect place to enjoy and practice photography. It's also home to Camera Labs' Editor Gordon Laing who hosted the town's first free photowalk on Sunday December 18th, 2011! Were you there? Did you want to be? Ever wondered what happens on a Photowalk, or simply curious about Queenstown? Check out my video below!

Queenstown New Zealand, Photowalk, 18 December 2011
Filmed with a Panasonic Lumix GX1 and Nikon J1

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us for the inaugural Queenstown Photowalk! In the photo below you'll see legends Todd Sisson (crouching) and Jason Law (posing) as the Sun set on a wonderful evening!

Sunset: 5.09MB, Aperture Priority, 1/100, f16, 400 ISO, Nikon J1 with 10-30mm at 10mm (27mm equiv)
Queenstown Photowalk December 2011
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As I arrived at One Mile car park at 5:30pm, I was greeted by the sight of 25 photographers, ready for action! Five more joined us a few minutes later, bringing the total to 30. Along with Todd and Jason, attendees included Jo Boyd, Paul Mettmann, Ruth Joiner, Stephen and Lisa Counsell, Lisa Ng, Paul Green, Codie Westphall, Eden Brackstone, Lucy Jackson, Sarah, Peter, Brett Black, Scott and Sophie Kennedy, Emily Adamson, James Beech, Roger and Natalie Slow, and Stefan Haworth.

Most of the people were Queenstown residents, but others came from further afield: Lisa Ng flew in from Palmerston North and was one of the last photographers standing close to midnight following a strategic Fergburger. Another lady was visiting Queenstown from Tauranga, while one man had flown in from Melbourne that day, spotted the story in the Queenstown Times and made the sensible decision to join us! You were all very welcome!

It was a perfect evening with great weather and many highlights, but for me one of the more memorable was watching Todd Sisson regularly wade out into our beautiful, but mortally cold, Lake Wakatipu. I swear his legs were blue when he emerged after a prolonged session as the Sun set on the day.

As for me, it turned out to be more of a video-walk than a photo-walk. I spent most of my time filming the participants and wishing I'd made more effort into stabilising the footage. You can see the video at the top of this page.

Please do let me know what you thought of the evening and how, if anything, you'd like to do things differently next time. I'd also like to make this a regular thing, so please also chime-in if you have any views on how frequent this should be: for example, monthly or quarterly.

Finally, I'll update this page as and when there's news of any more photowalks in or near to Queenstown, along with letting everyone know on my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ streams.


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