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How to enjoy true Hifi audio with your PC
Upgrading your PC to Edit HD DSLR video

HD video editing solution
The vast majority of new DSLRs and compact cameras capture great-looking HD video, but while clips playback smoothly on the cameras themselves, they can prove tricky to edit on your PC. The problem is modern HD video tends to employ complex compression which is hard to decode in realtime for editing. Traditionally the solution to sluggish PC performance is to upgrade the hardware, but in this article I'll explain why having the right software can make a much bigger impact. I've gone from frustratingly slow editing to a smooth workflow without upgrading the CPU, RAM, disk or graphics. Find out why the right software is the key in my HD DSLR Video Editing guide!

What's the smallest SSD for your OS and apps?

Solid State Drives are quick and silent while sporting lower power consumption and heat generation than a traditional hard disk. With prices still much higher though, all but the richest PC builders employ a two-drive solution, with the quick but small SSD reserved for their operating system and applications only, leaving a hefty traditional hard disk for storing personal data. Until SSDs fall significantly in price, the big question then becomes how small an SSD can you really get away with as a boot / application drive?

Blackmagic Intensity Pro HDMI capture - full review

Blackmagic's Intensity Pro is a highly flexible video capture card for PCs or Macs. It’ll capture footage from unprotected HDMI sources, along with analogue Composite, S-Video and Component signals. Capturing video over HDMI could also deliver superior quality from certain HD camcorders, and doing so with the Intensity can also deliver files which are quicker and easier to edit too. Find out why this could be one of the most useful peripherals for video editors in our Intensity Pro review.

Build a low-profile HD HTPC - choosing the parts

Building a successful Media or HTPC involves more thought and planning than a normal office system, but can yield excellent results. Imagine a single appliance which can play virtually any format from streaming content to Blu Ray, along with having powerful PVR facilities. Just because it’s a powerful PC doesn’t mean it needs to be big, ugly and noisy either, and in this article I’ll show you how to build a quiet, low profile system that’s equipped to handle HD content.

Ultimate Hifi audio from your PC - three solutions!

PCs have the potential to make great audio jukeboxes with their vast storage capacities and support for multiple formats, but if you’re a dedicated audiophile, the sound quality can often disappoint. As Hifi fanatics understand all too well, high performance and convenience rarely go hand in hand, but over the past few years I’ve been trying a variety of solutions from custom plug-ins to modified hardware in an attempt to find one that can truly be described as Hifi. And wouldn’t you know it, after waiting so long, I’ve got not one, but three audiophile solutions for you!

Choosing a PC Power Supply - guide and report

Power Supplies are far from the most glamorous component in your PC, but they can have a huge impact on your running costs and smooth operation. Believe it or not, by simply switching your power supply for a more appropriate model, your PC could run cooler, more quietly and save energy without compromising performance – and unlike a top-end processor or graphics card, a decent power supply doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Find out everything you need to know in our Guide to Power Supplies.

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Gordon Laing
Gordon may be best-known as the Editor of Cameralabs, but was also a contributor to Britain’s oldest technology magazine, Personal Computer World, for over 17 years, including two at the helm as the Editor, and ten as the Hands On Hardware columnist. When PCW closed down with its August 2009 edition, Gordon decided to continue his PC Hardware projects and columns right here at Cameralabs! So join his journey to overclock unsuspecting components, accelerate poor configurations, achieve true audiophile sound, and build the ultimate Media Centre PC! Any questions? Please visit our hardware forum!

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